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VV000150 Mappa Kilimanjaro climbing and trekking map 1:80.000 CMW622 € 0,00 € 24,80

Kilimanjaro on an excellent map combining topographic coverage of the mountain with an enlargement for the Kibo crater, a list of GPS waypoints, street plans of Arusha and Moshi, profiles of the main routes, etc. On one side is a map of Kilimanjaro at 1:80,000 with coverage showing all four gates along the southern approaches, the Nalemoru Gate in the east and the Londorossi Gate in the west. Main routes are highlighted and other tracks are also marked, both with, where appropriate, ascent and descent markings. Symbols highlight park gates, picnic areas, campsites/huts and caves, as well as facilities in the surrounding villages. CMW622

VV004559 Guida Corsica Trekking € 0,00 € 15,80

2016 240 pages, 282 photos, 82 height profiles, 80 walking maps to a scale of 1;25,000 / 1:50,000 / 1:75,000, four overview maps to a scale of 1:650,000. Hiking trail GR 20 and a few routes. Ed Francese-Tedesco-Inglese. ROTHER

VV000334 Guida trekking in africa S.Ardito € 0,00 € 30,99
vercelli 1996 pag.160, con foto e mappe S.Ardito
VV002166 Guida andes trekking & climbing AA.VV. € 0,00 € 30,00
Gb 2008 pag.194 con foto e mappe, 26 trek e 18 climbing, in inglse AA.VV.
VV001924 Mappa Nevados de Chillan trekking & travel map 1:50.000 CMW592 € 0,00 € 12,50

Termas de Chillán and réserve Ñuble. Relief shown by satellite imagery and contours. Trekking routes with distances. Refuges, campsites and restaurants. 1:50.000 CMW592

VV001920 Mappa Pucon - Villarica - Lanin trekking map 1:100.000 CMW593 € 0,00 € 14,90

Région de Villarrica – Pucón, incl park of Huerquehue. Volcan Villarrica (2853 m), Quetrupillán (2350 m) and Lanín (3725 m). Relief shown by satellite imagery and contours. Trekking routes with distances. Refuges, campsites and restaurants. 1:100.000 CMW593

VV001668 Mappa Terra del Fuoco e Isla Navarino trekking map 1:500 000 / 1:200 000 5199 € 0,00 € 16,50

Travel and trekking maps showing ranches, new road, distances, satellite reliefe, navigation. 1:500 000 / 1:200 000 5199

VV005948 Mappa Pirenei trekking 1:50.000 8219 € 0,00 € 15,90

This is the 1:50,000 trekking map for the Central Pyrenees covering Lourdes, Trebons and Capvern on the north edge of the map and down to Monte Perdido in the south. 1:50.000 8219

VV005947 Mappa La Gomera trekking 1:30.000 € 0,00 € 8,95

Mappa dell'isola La Gomera scala 1:30.000 art. KO

VV005934 Mappa Ibiza e Formentera trekking 1:50.000 € 0,00 € 8,95

Carta di Ibiza e Formentera 1:50.000 KO

VV005932 Mappa Fuerteventura trekking 1:50.000 € 0,00 € 8,95

Mappa Fuerteventura 1:50.000 art. KO

VV005931 Mappa Gran Canaria trekking 1:50.000 € 0,00 € 8,95

Mappa Gran Canaria 1:50.000 art. KO 

VV005929 Mappa Lanzarote trekking 1:50.000 € 0,00 € 8,95

Mappa Lanzarote 1:50.000 art. KO 

VV005595 Mappa Paesi Bassi ciclabile e trekking 1:100.000 € 0,00 € 22,50

nr. 10 fogli che compongono il quadro di unione di tutte le ciclabili e sentieri escursionistici dei Paesi Bassi. 1:100.000

VV000489 Guida Réunion trekking € 0,00 € 16,20

2015 Guida con più di 50 treks con altimetrie, tempi di percorrenza, punti di partenza, gradi di difficoltà e minimappe. Ed francese e/o Tedesco. Rother

VV001178 Guida Elba trekking € 0,00 € 13,00

2017 20 escursioni tematiche nel variegato territorio elbano, dove colori e profumi si fondono in un mix eccezionale. Camminare per conoscere, ammirare e interpretare uno straordinario paesaggio naturale, preservato dal Parco nazionale dell'Arcipelago Toscano. Appendice con l'atlante delle spiagge raggiungibili via terra. Escursionista

VV004679 Guida Pyrenees - Trekking through the French € 0,00 € 22,80

2016 The GR10 Trail. A 955km trek across the French Pyrenees from Hendaye on the Atlantic Coast to the Mediterranean coast at Banyuls-sur-Mer. Described in 55-day stages of 7-27km, the route can be completed in its entirety, usually in around 45 days, or in shorter sections using the bus and rail links found throughout the Pyrenees.
Step by step route descriptions are accompanied by 1:100,000 mapping and gradient profiles. CIC.PYR.773

VV004676 Guida Pyrenees - Trekking through the Spanish € 0,00 € 22,80

2014 The GR11 Trail - La Senda. 820km from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, provides everything trekkers will need to take up the challenge - detailed route description, excellent photographs, lots of background information and unique custom-produced maps. CIC.PYR.725

VV001940 Mappa Melado - Volcan San Pedro trekking map 1:50.000 CMW596 € 0,00 € 12,80

Valle Melado with San Pedro (3621 m) and San Pablo (3327 m). Double sided map. Relief shown by satellite imagery and contours. Trekking routes with distances. Refuges, campsites and restaurants. 1:50.000 CMW596

VV001631 Mappa Aconcagua Trekking & Mountaineering 1:50.000 CMW518 € 0,00 € 16,80

Attractive, detailed topographic map covering the whole of the Aconcagua Provincial Park and its immediate surroundings: an area measuring approx. 33km east-west by 45km north-south. The road in the valley south of the park leading to the cross-border tunnel and the trekking trails towards Aconcagua’s peak are clearly marked, with trekking times and GPS waypoints for refuges, camp sites and ranger stations. 1:50.000 CMW518

VV001630 Mappa Torres Del Paine Trekking Map 1:80.000 5199 € 0,00 € 16,80

Torres Del Paine Trekking Map. Shows walking times, campsites, hotels and shelters. Printed on waterproof and tear-resistant paper. 1:80.000 5199

VV000585 Guida Drakensberg trekking € 0,00 € 22,80

2017 This guidebook presents 75 day walks of 1km to 26km in South Africa's Maloti-Drakensberg Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in KwaZulu Natal and easily accessible from Johannesburg, Harrismith, Pietermaritzburg and Durban, the region boasts dramatic cliffs, gorges and waterfalls, abundant wildlife and 2000 year old rock paintings. Ed inglese. CIC.AFR.881

VV000360 Mappa High Atlas/Alto Atlante trekking map 1:100.000 8219 € 0,00 € 16,50

High Atlas Mountains at 1:100,000 on a laminated, waterproof and tear-resistant map, accompanied by a road map of Morocco and street plans of central Marrakesh, Rabat and Fès. Trekking routes are highlighted and symbols show locations of refuges and campsites, as well as locations with tourist accommodation, restaurant, shops / markets, bus or taxi facilities, cultural sites, etc. 1:100.000 8219

VV003362 Guida Trekking and canyoning in the jordanian dead sea rift Itai Haviv € 0,00 € 37,00

Gio 2000 pag.240 con foto e mappe in inglese Itai Haviv

VV001001 Guida mugello, trekking AA.VV. € 0,00 € 15,49
bologna 1990 pag.184, foto e carta allegata, e. AA.VV.
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