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VV003967 Guida Vedere guide India € 0,00 € 0,00
Vedere guide India
VV003245 Guida yangtze river guide AA.VV. € 0,00 € 20,00
usa 1995, in inglese AA.VV.
VV005554 Guida Norway walking guide € 0,00 € 17,80

2017 Guidebook includes 20 walking and trekking routes in the main mountain areas of Norway from the Far South to the sub-Arctic regions. Includes Hardangervidda, Aurlandsdalen, Rondane, Jotunheimen, Alvdal Vestfjell, Tafjord, Douvre, Trollheimen, Sylene, Femundsmarka, the mountains of Narvik, Troms Border Trail and Finnsmaksvidda. JWE084

VV005547 Guida Lofoten - A Sea Kayak Guide to the Magical Isles € 0,00 € 35,00

2016 The first comprehensive sea kayaking guide to Lofoten, the Magic Isles in the Arctic Circle of northern Norway. 50 trips covering multi-day trips, committing crossings to the outer islands of Vaeroy and Rost and easy day trips to the stunning landscape of Mountains and fjords. There is something for all levels. CTK703

VV004857 Guida crag guide to england & wales AA.VV. € 0,00 € 23,00
. AA.VV.
VV000462 Guida Namibia self drive guide AA.VV. € 0,00 € 27,00
2013 pag.570, guida che contiene indirizzi e mappe di 899 alberghi, in inglese AA.VV.
VV000231 Guida Mappe e guide € 0,00 € 0,00
Mappe e guide
VV002249 Guida hiker's guide to mexico's natural history J.Conrad € 0,00 € 19,95

Usa 1995 pag.220, in inglese22,00 J.Conrad

VV002190 Guida south am. sky guide C. I Liza € 0,00 € 37.000,00
gb 92 p.312, guida stazioni sciistiche, in inglese C. I Liza
VV002132 Mappa Guayana francese Guide € 0,00 € 0,00
VV001753 Guida the andes a guide for climbers J.Biggar € 0,00 € 33,00
Gb 1999 pag.258, in inglese J.Biggar
VV001701 Guida The Andes a guide for climbers € 0,00 € 36,50

2015 The only comprehensive climbing guidebook to the peaks of the Andes. It covers many areas not described in any other source. Has expanded coverage of the whole range, with many photos and route diagrams plus extended coverage of the ski-mountaineering opportunities in the Andes. Contains details of how to climb all 100 of the major 6000m peaks in the Andes, plus route information for approximately 300 other peaks. There are over 240 route diagrams, 150 additional photos and 80 sketch maps. J.Biggar

VV005699 Guida Algarve walking guide € 0,00 € 17,50

2014 Guidebook to walking 34 full- and half-day walks in Portugal's beautiful Algarve. The rich range of scenery from volcanic hills to dramatic limestone escarpments and beautiful coastline, together with a diversity of flowers and wildlife, and an equable climate, makes the Algarve an ideal walking destination. Ed inglese JWE100

VV005742 Mappa Elbrus & Upper Baksan Valley Map & Guide 5028 € 0,00 € 16,00

Map and guide for moutaineers and skiers of the Upper Baskan Valley in the Caucasus. Includes information on access, accomodation, climate, flora & fauna, geology, history, permits & visas, ski routes and summits etc. 1:50.000 - 4 colour topographical map of upper Baksan Valley. 1:1.000,000 - Road map. Panorama of main ridge from Priut 11. Panorama of main ridge from the Iryk Valley. 5028

VV005718 Guida Fagars mountains walking guide and map 1:75.000 € 0,00 € 19,50

2005 Chaptes include background info re climate/vegetation/waters etc. Places and approach routes. Tourist routes on north/south and main ridge route. Climbing and mountaineers. Skiing. Mountain Biking. Mountain Rescue CWE202

VV004264 Guide in lingua tedesca. Coprono varie zone delle Alpi austriache, richiedere catalogo. € 0,00 € 0,00
Disponibili tutte le guide delle Alpi Austriache
VV004035 Guida chiang mai guide to norther AA.VV. € 0,00 € 20,00
. AA.VV.
VV004032 Guida Thailand: A Climbing Guide € 0,00 € 23,80

2006 More than 350 sport routes for climbing in Thailand, rated 1-5 stars for their appeal . Ed inglese CCA367

VV003828 Guida Siberian bam guide AA,VV. € 0,00 € 28,50
Gb 2001 pag.384, solo parte siberiana, in inglese AA,VV.
VV003069 Guida the andes a guide for climbers J.Biggar € 0,00 € 33,00
Gb 1999 pag.258, in inglese J.Biggar
VV005700 Guide e mappe Madeira € 0,00 € 0,00

Vedi sezione Madeira

VV005678 Guide e mappe Azzorre € 0,00 € 0,00

Vedi sezione Azzorre

VV005669 Guida Portogallo climbing guide € 0,00 € 31,70

2008 Colour photo-topo and drawn-topo guidebook to the central, coastal area of Portugal. Alcaria-Penacova-Poio Velho-Poio D'Aire-Vale de Poios-Vale de Serra-Lapas (Tomar)-Fragas do Cercal-Senhora de Estrela-Buracas do Casmilo-Fragas de Sao Simao-Reguengo do Fetal (Malhadouro)-Reguengo do Fetal (Vale dos Ventos). More than 700 sport, trad and boulder routes all within 100 km of each other. Marco Inacio

VV005396 Guida Vedi anche guide Svizzera € 0,00 € 0,00
Vedi anche guide Svizzera
VV004767 Guide disponibili di trekking e alpinismo di tutte le montagne tedesche € 0,00 € 0,00

Richiedere catalogo e prezzi Disponibili guide di trekking e alpinismo di tutte le montagne tedesche

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